More Ways to Listen to Rewound Radio!
(We've tried to do the work for you!)


Most people can easily connect to Rewound Radio by just clicking on the "Music Note" on the main page.  If what follows looks like computer-geekspeak, don't worry.  Just go back to the main page and click the music note or the "alternate link" below it.  For 99% of listeners, one of those two will just work and you won't have to do anything more.

However, for those who are considering other alternatives, we have multiple links.  Different file types (asx vs. pls) work with different Internet radio players.  Find the one that works best for you and bookmark it for the future.

Rewound Radio broadcasts over five separate Internet channels (four Shoutcast servers and one Icecast server) to allow for the maximum number of connections and players.  Two channels are high quality Mp3 channels (128K), one is a medium quality AAC channel (64K) and one is lower quality Mp3 channel (64K).  The Icecast Server also broadcasts medium quality AAC (64K).  Due to Rewound Radio's growing popularity, listeners are typically spread out over these five channels.


High Quality Mp3 Channel 1 ("asx" file) (128K)
High Quality Mp3 Channel 1 ("pls" file)  (128K)

High Quality Mp3 Channel 2 ("asx" file) (128K)
High Quality Mp3 Channel 2 ("pls" file)  (128K)

Medium Quality AAC Channel 3 ("pls" file) (64K)

Low Quality Mp3 Channel 4 ("asx" file) (64K)
Low Quality Mp3 Channel 4 ("pls" file)  (64K)

Adobe Flash Player (works with most web browsers and Internet TV's)


We also have an Icecast server:

Icecast AAC Stream ("m3u" file) (32K)


From Your Smartphone:

If you have an iPhone, Android, Palm, Blackberry, Samsung Bada or Windows Phone you can easily listen to Rewound Radio with the TuneIn Radio app:
1.  Download and install the appropriate TuneIn app for your phone from
2.  Dial in Rewound Radio here


Rewound Radio
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