Chrome and Shoutcast...

Google recently updated Chrome (likely without you knowing it).  A change was made causing Rewound Radio via Shoutcast to give an error.  Here's how to fix it:

1.  Go to Shoutcast "Search" by clicking HERE.  Search for "Rewound Radio".  Several links will appear and none will work when you click the "play" icon.

2.  At the top of Chrome is a padlock icon in front of the address.  RIGHT click on it.  A menu will appear.

3.  Click on "Site Settings".

4.  Scroll down to the bottom to "Insecure content" and change it to "Allow".

5.  Re-do the Rewound Radio Search and it will play.



This is an issue for playing a radio station directly from a web page (as opposed using a separate player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player).  Streaming radio via a direct link inside a web page requires a programming instruction that doesn't fit the protocol for "Secure Socket Layer" ("SSL").  

Browsers other than Chrome allow those links to play anyway as did Chrome prior to its recent update because there's nothing insecure about listening to streaming audio.  You're not submitting anything (like a credit card) and no personal data is exchanged. 

Apparently Google determined that allowing an insecure link inside of a secure web page breaks the SSL rules so they instituted the default of "block".   Consequently your web player under Chrome stopped working.  Since Google updates Chrome without you knowing it, chances are it simply stopped working for no obvious reason. 

The instructions above make an exception for just the Shoutcast directory.  This change has no impact on any other web site you visit. 


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